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If the server is unable to find a file with any of the names listed in its configuration, it may either return an error (generally 404 Not Found) or generate its own index page listing the files in the directory. It is also possible to avoid this step, for example by using content negotiation.

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If a server is configured to support server-side scripting, the list will usually include entries allowing dynamic content to be used as the index page (e.g.

index.php, index.shtml, index.jsp, default.asp) even though it may be more appropriate to still specify the html output (php or aspx), as this should not be taken for granted.

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    The three Eastern Religions of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism are the most popular belief systems in Ho Chi Minh, and all three are frequently observed in the very same temples.

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    The Interim Constitution, which came into force in 1994, prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, as does the final Constitution which replaced in 1997.

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    Ironically, Jews really could be called "Messianic Jews." One of Maimonides' classical "13 Principles of Faith" is: "I believe with complete faith in the coming of the Messiah, and even though he may delay, nevertheless I anticipate every day that he will come." In a sense we are all "Messianic Jews" – expecting the Messiah to gather the Jews back to Israel, usher an era of world peace, and reestablish the Temple. There are two excellent organizations which counteracts missionary activities and have succeeded in attracting "converts" back to Judaism. On this date in 1947, the Arab Legion surrounded Jerusalem and isolated its 100,000 Jews from the rest of the Israeli population.